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Promotional Video Campaign

Brand Awareness & Storytelling

Video Funnel Marketing for Commerce & Tourism

We guide regional and national governments, tourism boards, hospitality and transportation operators in destination promotion within Israel and to English speaking markets worldwide.

  • Local representation for events, trade shows and promotion with tour operators.

  • Video production & storytelling with far higher clickthrough and engagements rates.

  • PR and distribution of content with the media.

  • Promotional events with universities, students, travel partners, embassies and operators  

Video Funnel Marketing for Commerce & Tourism

Our focus is to bring tourists and businesspeople to destinations in a memorable and shareable manner. We aim to encourage them to develop closer contact with the local population, so they build personal relationships; causing them to return for more than one trip and increasing the Lifetime Value of each visitor.

Utilizing our videos as ambassadors, we aim to create an emotional connection that makes viewers excited about the destination and its culture.

Previously our NakedSea campaign for the Dead Sea reached over 550M people globally and was Israel’s most successful PR campaign to date; resulting in a 30% sustained increase of international tourists to the site.

On the commerce side, we have helped companies raise over $228M+ in capital, and generated tens of millions of dollars of revenue.  We are one of the few firms in the world with experience in doing both.

Below are a series of tourism-related videos we did as pilots for your review. Followed by some of our other High End commercial and high-tech projects. We would love to do the same for you.


An Underwater Forrest?

We travel to see and experience things that are new and different. Diving is the epitome of that experience; we marvel at the world beneath the sea and its rich variety. Yet interestingly, ask yourself; why is it in real life; we often shy away from the same diversity that we seek when we travel? What can we learn from the underwater forest beneath the sea?


The World's Coziest Airport?

What if Air Travel felt more like a resort than the stress inducing experience it usually is? Would that get you to opt for a flight over a voyage by boat? Check out the world's coziest airport where they roll out the red carpet for you, literally!


What Makes You Happy? God or Luck?

Traveling through the Philippines, the one thing that stands out is how happy everyone is. The question arises; what about their culture makes them so happy? How can you experience it like a local?


What Do You Value? Time, Money or Experience?

Island hopping in the Philippines, is an adventure in logistics you usually don’t have to consider, when traveling in other destinations. What do you value more when you travel? Time, Money or Experience?  How can you maximize your time in the Philippines? What would you choose for your next trip? 


Vegan Food in the Philippines?

There are lots of amazing restaurants in the Philippines – and most of them have vegan options, but finding something that caters specifically to vegans and health conscious clients is much harder! Where are the best places to leave your hunger satiated, your body energized and you, ready for your next adventure?

Motorbike on Bridge

What Can You Do For $33 a Day?

We often think that going on vacation is expensive. How much fun can you have with a budget of $33 a day for the length of your 30 day visa in the Philippines? What adventures would you pursue on your next trip with the same budget?

Dive Instructor

What Do Fish Think of Fisherman?

If you were a fish what would you think of fisherman? Here is a story about one fisherman who is actually loved by the fish. Why? Because now he protects the fish instead of trying to catch them. Thanks to the conservation efforts of the Philippines government in protecting the fragile marine ecosystem; they are converting illegal fisherman into dive-masters. What do you think of their efforts? Can this serve as a model for other countries around the world?

Road Trip sign with road background

California Touro Pilot

This was part of a pilot series filmed just before the Corona Crisis broke out... we are still on hold with the rest of it...
Red Car

Mixing Business and Pleasure - Calif Road Trip Video

How do you mix business and pleasure? When we travel for business, we always try and take some additional time to explore some of the local sites and enjoy local businesses. If getting there is half the fun, then how do you make the journey a highlight of the trip into itself?

Hong Kong city

Hong Kong Pilot

This was part of a pilot shot in Hong Kong highlighting off the beaten path tourist attractions.
traffic in Hong Kong at sunset time

Tranquility in the Heart of Hong Kong

How do you find peace in the heart of the city? What is your secret escape? In Hong Kong, one of the busiest fastest paced cities in the world, discover the secret tranquil getaway that will recharge your body and soul.


We are looking for long term partnerships with countries and governments to create and distribute content for western audiences.

In each local we are looking to partner with one of each of the listed:



Each partner featured in the videos made – will have their logo's shown, or their story told in such a way that people think of them for their next trip. We work side by side with government officials to choose the right partners for the campaign in each category for the trip. This can be done in an exclusive or sector-based manner; depending on the partner's contribution or funding level. Each partner will have a link featured below the video to drive traffic to their site.

Sponsorships take the part of an upfront fee usually paid for by the Ministry of Tourism, or local tourism boards, along with contributions of goods as well as services, to cover per diem expenses and costs.

We look forward to working with you, to promote your country to the rest of the world.

Previous Results

Our videos work hard so you don't have to! Below are some of the successes we have had for our clients. Would love to do the same for you!

300+ Videos produced Worldwide
600M+ Views Globally
15.5% Unique Click Through Rate
3.5 Videos Consumed Per Click
7X Industry Engagement Rate
10X Market Share Increase
30% Increase in Destination Tourism
$228M in Sales & Investment

Who Are We?

We help our clients do three things: Attract customers. Get them to Consider products and services. Convert them into paying clients. For the past 13 years, we have specialized in building tailored video marketing funnels that drive real business results. Our focus has been on high-tech products, fundraising for startups, branding for countries as well as the sales of high-end adventure and luxury goods.

In 2022, we are expanding our reach to cover international tourism as well. This is the Philippines pilot we are doing to promote it.  

To date, aside from the 550M people reached with our NakedSea campaign, we generated over 60M impressions for a product launch, placed hundreds of articles, driven over 5M (organic) video views, and generated millions in sales for automotive, B2B, software, robotics & hardware. In addition, we have brought thousands of people to conferences in the USA, Europe, and Asia. One of our local clients went from a 3% market share to 37% in one year, via the sale of over 200 high-end niche luxury vehicles. Today they are controlling over 50% of their market.

In the tech space we have created multiple annual events, attended by hundreds of C-level executives; launching new products like; thin-film solar panels, personalized 3D printed medications, flexible electronic displays, and even an electronic tongue that can measure taste. These events have led to joint ventures with HP, Intel, Rivian, Tesla, Asics, Kodak, Fuji, Orbotech along with a host of other enterprise clients around the world. All these successes have led us to help raise capital for startups, corporates as well as funds, leading to over $228M in capital raised.

We are looking forward to similar success with you.
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600M+ Views

Through our distribution partners.

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